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Swimsuit Ready Tips!

Swimsuit Ready Tips!

You may have been trying to slim down in time for summer, but there are some sneaky little tricks that can help you: 

Undercook your pasta – The longer you cook your pasta, the more it’ll make your blood sugar skyrocket. So under-cook it a bit and save yourself from an unnecessary sugar spike.

Skip the hot sauce – The yummy condiment contains so much sodium that it’s about 10% of your daily allotment. If you like your food with a little kick, try cayenne pepper instead.

Watch the Gluten-free flour – You might think you’re being healthy by using G-F flour, but many times these flours are made from potatoes and white rice – which have less fiber and as many carbs and calories as the regular flour. If you are going gluten-free, look for options made from brown rice, teff, or quinoa. (Yahoo)


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