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10 Best Snacks for Your Workday

I am a bad snack planner.  I usually hit "the machine" but rarely does that machine have anything that can provide more than just a brief sugar boost.   Here are 10 better things to...
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20 House Cleaning Hacks

From bathtub rings to ceiling fans, there is an easier, more natural way to clean!  Check out these tips...
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How to Take a Fantastic Selfie

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WATCH: When Lava Meets Ice

This is fascinating!  Granted, not recommended to duplicate at home, but still really cool!    
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10 Body Language Mistakes You Are Making

According to Forbes , there are at least 10 body language "mistakes" that we make we all may be making on a daily basis.  For instance...   Avoiding Eye Contact When you...
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Semi-Crazy Things You Do in a New Relationship

Guilty.  Oh, so very guilty of these...    
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Taylor Swift's Mom Battles Cancer

Taylor Swift took to Tumblr to tell fans that her mom found out she has cancer during check that Taylor had urged her to do.   Read Taylor's post here:
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College Student Designs PMS Ice Cream

She's my new hero.  And she needs a new gig.  Do you need a graphic designer with $1,000,000 ideas?   A college student designed some ice cream flavours for women with PMS...
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Is This The Hottest Math Teacher in the World?

Where do social media lines get drawn?  A student found this math teacher's Instagram account and tweeted out some of his pictures.  Should we teach our kids not to snoop?  Do we...
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6 Things That Make You Instantly More Attractive to Men

 Brilliant, effective suggestions...   6 qualities that make you instantly more attractive to men, according to men: — Glamour (@glamourmag)...
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